Time To Break Out The Bags

Space station struggles with balky toilet, MSNBC

Service Module Life Support Systems, Book 1, Mission Operations Directorate, 1 October 2000 (PDF)

Schematic of toilet system

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 27 May 2008

"ASU Update: Troubleshooting continues on the Russian ASU toilet facility. Almost all system components have been changed out at this time, including the separator with no improvement in function. Specialists feel the problem is with the separator pump, though they have never before seen this failure signature. New procedures for temporary manual operation of the pump are in work, and the crew is using a backup system of wring collectors which are functioning nominally. Since they are a consumable, 1J is being last-minute manifested with additional wring collectors and a new ASU separator pump (KSC ground unit)."

Attention Astronauts: Don't Pour Your Food in the Toilet, earlier post

How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Space?, NASA video

NASA Awards Contract for Space Station Hardware

"The basic contract includes $19 million to purchase a Russian-designed toilet system with a privacy enclosure and additional space station equipment."

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 21 May 2008

"Russian ASU Malfunction: While using the ASU toilet system in the SM, the crew heard a loud noise and the fan stopped working. After some troubleshooting the crew reported that the air/water Separator (MNR-RS) was not working. The crew then replaced the separator with a spare unit but reported afterwards that the ASU lacked suction. The crew next replaced the F-V filter insert, which provided good suction for a while but again exhibited weak suction. TsUP/Moscow instructed the crew to deactivate the ASU and use the toilet facility in the Soyuz spacecraft."

NASA International Space Station Status Report 14 February 2005

"Friday night, the Station's toilet in the Zvezda Service Module stopped working. The crew, with the support of Russian ground controllers, replaced virtually all major toilet components this weekend with spare parts aboard the Station. Most of the original components had been nearing the estimated end of their operational life. The crew also replaced the toilet's control panel on Sunday. The work has restored the toilet to full normal operations. While the Station toilet system repairs were under way this weekend, the crew used the toilet aboard the docked Soyuz spacecraft."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 29 Jul 2003

"Late last Friday, the crew replaced three components of the SM toilet: The urine collector, the wring collector (a gas separator) and the gas-liquid Separator. [The toilet has since operated nominally over the weekend. The wring collector is used only for contingency, and there is only one spare on ISS after the replacement Friday. The 12P manifest may be impacted if the Russians decide that another spare wring collector must be on orbit.]"

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