VSE Hearing

Hearing: Reauthorizing the Vision for Space Exploration

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 09:30 AM Archived Webcast

Statement by Frederick Tarantino
Statement by Joan Johnson-Freese
Statement by Robert Dickman
Statement by Gene Kranz
Statement by George Whitesides

Editor's note: Gene Kranz is listed as representing the Coalition for Space Exploration as a witness at this hearing. Yet if you go to their website there is no mention of this hearing nor any mention of Kranz's participation in it. No press release or media advisory was issued in advance of the event. I am told that the Coalition spends $20,000 or more per month to run this website. I do not think they are getting their money's worth. The people in charge of this website are clearly asleep at the wheel.

Editor's update: The Coalition eventually updated their website so as to reflect Kranz's presence - but only after the hearing was over. They back dated it to make it look like it was posted at 9:30 am. So much for drawing attention to an event in advance, eh?

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