Yet Another Mars Phoenix Cost Figure

An Icy Dig in Search of Signs of Life on Mars, Washington Post

"The $457 million Phoenix spacecraft has traveled a long and circuitous path, and not just on its journey of 422 million miles through space. Phoenix uses equipment built for a spacecraft that was supposed to be launched in 2001, which was scratched because of the Polar Lander's crash."

The Actual Cost of Mars Phoenix is $520 Million, NASA Watch

"As such, the total cost for Mars Phoenix is $100 million spent on the original 2001 lander, plus $250K to store it, and then $420 million for the Mars Phoenix project or a total of $520 million."

Why Does The Official Cost of Mars Phoenix Keep Changing?, NASA Watch

"What follows [below] is a chronology of sorts as I thave tried to find out just what this mission costs: so far I have found official NASA statements that it is $325 million, $386 million, and $420 million."

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