LRO Is Now Twittering

Editor's note: LRO is now twittering! But it only has 39 followers - so far.

Editor's update: I just twittered: "Maybe @MarsPhoenix can send a note of encouragement to @LRO_NASA who is Twittering from the (boring) white room right now (ala C3PO/R2D2)". Perhaps Phoenix can send some new fans to LRO.

Hmm ... you could take little SMD snippets about what each mission does and have a little conversation ... one that also brings followers down a path to understanding both missions ...

@MarsPhoenix: "Hey I think found lots of water ice - here's a pic"

@LRO_NASA: "Yea well, I may find some too - here's where I'll be looking"

Sort of a social networking/EPO precursor version of the Interplanetary Internet ...

Editor's update: LCROSS_NASA just went online at Twitter.

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