Politics? I Don't See Any Politics In Space Exploration

NASA'S Griffin: Space is not an election issue, Orlando Sentinel

"In a quick interview before Discovery was set for liftoff on Saturday, NASA Chief Mike Griffin dismissed the notion promoted by many political strategists in Florida that space was an election issue. He also said he was confident that the successor to the shuttle program would survive the change of administration next year.

"Space is not an election issue," Griffin said. "Iraq is an election issue. The economy is an election issue. The deficit is an election issue. But space is not an election issue and they [the candidates] are not focused on it, and I don't expect them to be."

His blunt assessment runs contrary to efforts being made by space supporters on Capitol Hill to make NASA and money for human space flight an election issue, especially in Florida. Leading the charge is Florida's democratic senator Bill Nelson, who earlier this week told the Washington Space Business Roundtable that space will be critical to winning Florida, and thus the White House."

But wait - there's more

Editor's note: Gee Mike, what about the thousands of jobs to be cut - cuts based on political decisions - and your implementation thereof? The fact that you don't see real world aspects of how the space program actually works simply confirms your oft-noted total lack of political radar.

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