Sheer Heresy: Refunding Money to NASA

University dominates the solar system -- for cheap

"Space researchers at the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics are not only brilliant (they are, after all, rocket scientists), but it turns out they're pretty thrifty too. On Tuesday, scientists from LASP returned a check -- a very large, shiny, aluminum "space" check -- to NASA for a cool $2,997,000. The extra money was shaved from efficient operation of a satellite -- known as SORCE, for Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment -- that measures the sun's radiation."

Editor's note: OHMYGOD. Refunding money to NASA because a project is more efficient than was originally anticipated? That's heresy! What happens if this catches on and other NASA missions and projects turn out to be more efficient and issue refunds? That could ruin everything!

Then again, it would provide a new source of funds for SMD to use to cover MSL and JWST overruns.

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