Will Spock Testify at Florida Shuttle Job Loss Hearing?

Senate Commerce Committee Hearing: Preparing for the Workforce Transition at Kennedy Space Center

"Monday, June 23, 2008 09:00 AM. The hearing will examine issues surrounding the retirement of the Space Shuttle and the transition to the new Orion/Ares system. Specifically, this hearing will focus on workforce related challenges at the Kennedy Space Center and analyze potential solutions to mitigate the transition's effects on the community. The hearing will be located at the Canaveral Port Authority, Commission Room, Port Canaveral Maritime Center Offices, 445 Challenger Road, Port Canaveral, Florida. [map] Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) will preside."

Editor's note: Even though Mike Griffin seems to think that jobs and space are not campaign issues, they certainly are in Florida. This could get ugly if local Space Coast employees show up (as they should) at this hearing and take Mike Griffin on, face-to-face, about job cuts and the effect upon themselves and their families. The "I don't do feelings - just think of me as Spock" [audio -- original story source] approach certainly will not work in that situation.

Florida is a key state in both Obama's and McCain's strategy to win the election. I wonder if the White House really wants an embarassment in Florida over huge job cuts and what will be portrayed as "George Bush's Moon Program" (despite repeated Congressional buy in). Stay tuned.

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