Workforce Issues and H.R. 6063

Letter From Reps. Kucinich and Davis Regarding Workforce Provisions Within H.R. 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008

"We applaud your efforts and those of Chairman Udall to revitalize NASA by authorizing a budget that will allow NASA to succeed in all of its critical missions. We also support your goal of securing new workforce provisions within H.R. 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008, to preserve and re-invigorate NASA's workforce. Over the last 7 years, NASA's workforce has experienced turmoil and uncertainty, leading to a decrease in morale as indicated by the results of NASA's recent "Culture Survey." Last year, the National Research Council reported that NASA was facing a workforce crisis caused by a sustained failure to recruit and train the next generation of technical employees."

Reps. Danny Davis, Kucinich defend NASA workforce, IFPTE

"International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) President Gregory Junemann expressed his appreciation for Chairman Davis' and Rep. Kucinich's pro-active effort to restore full protection to NASA's workforce"

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