George Martin

B-52 crash killed all 6 crewmen, Air Force says, USA Today

"The six crew members were identified as .... Col. George Martin, flight surgeon, who was also the deputy commander of 36th Medical Group at Andersen."

Photo, "Ursula Martin, wife of Col. George Martin, thanks the myriad of agencies Friday in for their search for the Airmen who lost their lives in Monday's B-52 crash."

Editor's note: I knew George from my first stay on Devon island in 2002 when he served as our camp doctor for several weeks. I got to know him well during his stint there - especially given the fact that I was a research volunteer and he was constantly jabbing my arm to draw blood.

George was a really, really nice guy. Just pleasant to be around. George really wanted to be an astronaut and was working every angle he could to get proficient in a wide variety of skills - and experiences. As I understand the situation he jumped on the plane at the last minute for the fun of it. That was George all right.

He Made us Laugh - Remembering Col. George Martin, Haughton-Mars Project

"George, 51, was the deputy commander of 36th Medical Group at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam. His love for space extended to his family as he named his daughter Gemini, and his dogs were named Apollo and Mercury. For those of us who had the privilege of working with George when he was at the HMP and came to know him, if only briefly, we will miss him."

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