Perspectives on NASA

Ride, Boldly Ride: Why human space exploration is important!, IT Wire

"You may not always agree with what NASA does in its role as the national space agency for the United States. I dont always agree with them. However, I do think they (this group of people under the name National Aeronautics and Space Administration) are trying their best to advance human and robotic space exploration for the benefit of the United States, and for the whole of humanity, too."

Remarks by NASA Adminstrator Michael Griffin: What the Hubble Space Telescope Teaches Us about Ourselves

"You all know today that this first Shuttle mission to service the Hubble, as well as the three which followed, were huge successes. The Hubble dazzles us with the splendor of our universe, but during those grim years between 1990 and '93, its awe-inspiring success was far from certain. If you didn't know the core strength of the NASA team when the chips are down, you might have bet against us. You would have lost."

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