Using Cadavers To Test Orion

NASA's Use of Human Cadavers In Testing the Design of the Orion Spacecraft, SpaceRef

"I recently learned that NASA has made some limited use of human cadavers in testing during the development of the Orion spacecraft. Now, on first blush, this might sound somewhat macabre. In fact, it is more common than you might expect. There is also a practical reason for using this approach.

Let me start by providing the statement that the NASA Public Affairs Office provided me with today in response to an inquiry I made regarding the use of human cadavers in the Orion program: ..."

NASA used cadavers in Orion landing tests, Houston Chronicle

"Personnel working under contract for NASA used cadavers in tests to develop landing systems, spacesuits and seats in the new Orion moonship, space agency officials said Friday. Three human bodies were used in the tests at Ohio State University Medical Center last summer and fall."

NASA: getting more macabre, Nature

"Yesterday it was wee, well today the testing phase for the Orion spacecraft, that will take the place of the space shuttle, has taken a more sinister turn."

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