Astonishing Precision By The Cassini Team

NASA Cassini Pinpoints Source of Jets on Saturn's Moon Enceladus

"In a feat of interplanetary sharpshooting, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has pinpointed precisely where the icy jets erupt from the surface of Saturn's geologically active moon Enceladus. New carefully targeted pictures reveal exquisite details in the prominent south polar "tiger stripe" fractures from which the jets emanate."

NASA Blog: Cassini Flyby of Enceladus: We Nailed It!

"Then, finally, it was our turn--the Goddard team completed the CIRS calibration this morning, and I downloaded the data. More nervousness, until the plots started coming up on the screen and showed a beautiful spike in the signal strength, right when we expected to be staring at Damascus. It was obvious that we were pointing right at the warm fracture, just as planned. We nailed it!"

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