ESMD Advanced Planning Falls Short

Lack of funding shortchanging NASA on mission research, Houston Chronicle

"NASA is not receiving enough money for research and, as a result, faces significant challenges in developing technologies for living on the moon or flying to Mars, a study said Thursday. Little money is left over to study the hazards faced by astronauts during months-long missions into deep space, said the study by a National Academies of Sciences panel, because most of the research funds go into studies of the obstacles to short-term flights to the moon."

Panel warns NASA is focused on short-term goals, New Scientist

"NASA may get its Moon-Mars programme off the ground, and even land astronauts on the Moon. But it's going to have trouble establishing a long-term lunar base or making the big leap to Mars, says an expert review panel."

NRC Says ETDP Needs Corrective Action, earlier post

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