Imaginary Party Splits and Bad Facts at the Washington Examiner

Rocket Man? Obama Tries to Hitch a Ride on Space Politics, Washington Examiner

"And some people, like Sen. Barack Obama, find the religion in space exploration when it's late in the campaign season, criticisms over his anti-space views are flying, and rumors of a Democratic party split over space are gaining velocity."

Space a Potential Fracture Line at Democratic National Convention?, Washington Examiner

"On the other hand, there's the presumptive nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, who's widely regarded as anti-space, despite this weeks's Google spin."

Editor's note: Question for author (former NASA PAO) Patricia Phillips: And you base these statements of yours on ... facts? You only seem to be citing "rumors". If you actually have some facts, please provide that underlying information to prove that Obama is indeed "anti-space" or perceived to be that way. For this to be an issue that is splitting the party thousands of people within the Democratic Party would need to be aware of this issue. You'll need to prove that too.

Oh yes, Patricia Phillips, who openly touts her NASA credentials, seems to be totally ignorant of a few historic facts as they relate to space exploration. NACA was the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics. NACA became NASA in 1958. But Obama is not talking about NACA. If Phillips had taken the time to carefully read or listen to what Obama said, she'd have seen that he was talking about bringing back "the National Aeronautics and Space Council". The Space Council, an advisory body operated by the White House and chaired by the Vice President is not - nor has it ever been - the same thing as NACA. Do a little more research before you dump on people in the future, Patricia.

Editor's update: I just got a really weird email from Patricia Phillips. Either she does not understand that she made an error or she does but has no intention of fixing it. Publicly released text and video of Sen. Obama speaking in Florida utterly refute her claim that he was talking about NACA. Oh well.

P.S. She also thinks a company named "McDonnell-Douglas" still exists.

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