Is Anyone Missing a Trailer at JPL?

Abandoned NASA Trailer Found Roadside, Full of Retro NASA Awesomeness, Gizmodo

"Since it came about in the 1930s as NASA's rocket research lab, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been a part of just about every major unmanned U.S. space mission to date. JPL also has a somewhat surprising history of running major missions out of modular trailers scattered around their Pasadena HQ, which are packed with all of the stuff you need to, oh, I don't know, monitor a spacecraft on its way to Mars. Photographer Richard Harrington stumbled upon one of these trailers, abandoned on a dusty lot somewhere between L.A. and Las Vegas, which as you would expect is retro space-tech dream inside."

Editor's note: If the hardware shown in these pictures is powered (i.e. operational) then this is certainly not "abandoned" as the blog posting suggests. According to the photographer's website this trailer is apparently on the "edge of town" In Bishop, CA. I hope the folks at NASA who own this hardware know that people can apparently wander inside whenever they want and fiddle with things. Padlocks anyone?

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