Mike Griffin Wishes He Could Continue Flying The Shuttle

NASA's Griffin Tells Forum Crowd There Are No Guarantees In Space Travel, Aero-News.net

"When asked what would he do if "wishes were free" and NASA's budget were doubled (the equivalent of the inflation-adjusted program for Apollo), the Administrator's response was as follows: 1) [We] wouldn't rely on another country and would develop a new system in parallel to continuing to use the Space Shuttle; 2) Begin working on vehicle systems sooner; and 3) Do more advanced research, the "blue sky stuff."

Editor's note: Wait a minute: after 3 years of saying that NASA must retire the Space Shuttle, is Mike Griffin now saying that he'd continue flying the shuttle if he had enough money - despite what the CAIB recommended (safety, recertification etc) ? Hmm ... this sounds a lot like something one of the presidential candidates (and their surrogates) has been saying ...

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