Space Policy: More From McCain This Week?

Obama favors fast track for new space ferry, St. Petersburg Times

"... These details are included in a seven-page policy statement the campaign is expected to formally release today. John McCain has previously said he supports the moon-and-Mars exploration strategy, and that he, too, will work to minimize the number of years in which NASA has no way to send astronauts into space."

Obama: Let's go to moon, and maybe Mars, Orlando Sentinel

"The policy puts new pressure on McCain ahead of his private meeting with space-industry leaders. McCain's low-key visit to the Space Coast comes more than two weeks after Obama held a town-hall meeting in Titusville where he pledged his support to a robust space policy and said he would no longer seek to raid NASA's budget to support his education-reform plans. McCain, on the other hand, has been quiet about his space policy beyond endorsing sending Americans to the moon. He recently released his own enhanced position on the issue on his Web site without any fanfare."

McCain Space Policy Paper, earlier post

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