Ares PDR Telecon Notes

Ares I PDR Board Pre-Board Findings September 10, 2008

Editor's note: Steve Cook stated that dealing with thrust oscillation would be handled by Ares side of the interface and that Orion would not be asked to isolate crew couches from vibration. However, Cook said that this crew couch isolation option would still be held as a "back-up to a back-up" in case it needed to be considered at a later date. When asked what sort of manager's weight reserve was being held against Orion in case seat isolation was required, Jeff Hanley said it was on the order of 2,000 - 3,000 pounds of performance. However, Steve Cook said that Ares was bookeeping a weight impact for crew couch isolation of only several hundred pounds.

When I asked a clarification follow-up about the differing weights, Steve Cook said "If we had to put in seat isolation we'd have to use several hundred pounds of that 2,000 - 3,000 performance reserve that Jeff is holding to put the additional weight into orbit."

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