Getting More Than I Asked For From ESMD

NASA To Hold Briefing About Lunar Exploration Concepts And Plans

Editor's note: I followed the weblink in this press release and registered for this event to make certain that I would get a seat. To my surprise I got the following confirmation email (below). I never asked for access to theLunar Design Analysis Cycle data! I just registered for a meeting - or so I thought. Nor does the press release or the website make any mention of citizenship or export issues - yet apparently that is an issue - otherwise why would they be checking to see if I am a U.S. citizen? And when I try to go to the web link they sent me for export control issues, I discover that it is behind a firewall and I cannot get in.

Date: September 8, 2008 6:10:45 PM EDT

Your request for access to Lunar Design Analysis Cycle data has been received. LDAC data will be available by password access on a date following the Industry Day event. Based on NASA Export control policy, US citizenship and business entity ownership will be verified through a process conducted by the administrator of the website, independent of the Lunar Lander Project Office. The approval process may take two to three weeks. Upon verification of pertinent information, approved requestors will receive an e-mail containing the link and information necessary to access the data. It is incumbent on the business/corporation to follow Export Control policy and manage the dissemination of data to its representatives as appropriate.

Export Control Notice:

NOTICE: NPR 1600.1, NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements, requires that all NASA-managed data be reviewed, appropriately marked and protected. The following database contains Export Controlled information. You may not access Export Controlled information unless you are a U.S. Citizen, hold a U.S. Green Card, or have been granted authorization by a NASA Export Control Official. For more information contact the JSC Export Services Team at 281-792-6196, by email: or visit our website at Individual contractors accessing this site must have an "Avoidance of Conflict of Interest" Plan on file with their Contracting Officer and an NFS 1852.237-72 Access to Sensitive Information clause in their contract. You may not distribute these documents outside of the immediate NASA and designated contractor team unless marked as "Approved for Public Distribution."

Event details can be found at the following URL:

Event Details If you would like to cancel your registration use the following URL: Cancel Registration

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