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NASA JPL Internal Memo: New Non-productive Effort Requirement

"Recently, NASA requested that JPL track the time that our non-overtime eligible employees are absent from work for less than a full day (non-productive time) when such absences result in the employee working less than their regular weekly schedule. In support of this request, we needed to make a change to our current timekeeping requirements and allow non-overtime eligible employees to allocate their non-productive hours to a separate account. Time that is charged to non-productive effort will not decrement vacation and/or sick leave accruals."

Editor's note: This is defintely Dilbert material. You are asking employees to openly admit and document the amount of time that they were goofing off, daydreaming in the cafeteria, doing something other than what they were supposed to be doing, just not present, or reading NASA Watch. Gee, I wonder how accurate this latest accounting master stroke will be.

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