White House and NASA: Time to Call in a Therapist

NASA's Star Is Fading, Its Chief Says, Washington Post

"The heavy OMB edits of Griffin's comments on China were made in March after Griffin appeared before the House Science and Technology Committee and was asked to supply additional information. A copy of Griffin's comments with the OMB's changes and deletions, obtained by The Washington Post, shows that the version ultimately sent to Congress lost much of Griffin's sense of urgency, including his assessment of what a Chinese moon landing would mean to perceptions about the United States. ... The senior NASA official said the deleted comments about China's space ambitions would have increased pressure on the administration to speed up and better fund construction of the new spacecraft."

Editor's note: Hmm, maybe that is why Griffin chose this exclusive off the record briefing on China for Congressional folks and those who pay hefty dues to trade organizations (see Mike Griffin's Exclusive Off The Record China Briefing). I wonder if OMB's Paul Shawcross (or one of his staff) will be there?

Why is the White House afraid to let Griffin speak publicly? Why is Griffin afraid/unable to do so? Oh yes, Griffin has often been told by the White House to stay out of the Washington Post, NY Times, etc. But wait: leaked memos, "senior NASA officials" speaking under conditions of anonymity? Hmm, that's the same inside the beltway code language and games that the White House usually uses to float trial balloons and instill a growing sense of dissent - while denying any active participation. Everyone is talking past everyone else. No one takes an open stance any more.

How much more dysfunctional can this whole situation become?

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