McCain Pledges Money and Support for NASA

McCain Promises $2 Billion to Help NASA, WS Journal

"Sen. John McCain came to the space coast today and promised $2 billion to help NASA transition from the space shuttle to a new space vehicle. "I've always been a strong supporter of manned space flight and NASA," he said in a community that is home to many in the field. "If I'm elected president I won't cut NASA funds like Sen. Obama." McCain aides noted that Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, had promised to pay for education programs by delaying the Constellation space program, which is meant to fill the gap to the next space vehicle, only to backtrack later."

John McCain campaigns in Melbourne, seeks Space Coast votes, Orlando Sentinel

"The Obama campaign immediately seized on what it said was a change in McCain's space stance. "One day it's a spending freeze; the next day it's not; but whatever his stance is, Space Coast voters are looking for a change from the Bush-McCain policies that brought us to the brink of thousands of job losses," Obama spokeswoman Adrianne Marsh said."

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