McCain Vs RNC on NASA Funding

Obama Spend-O-Meter, Republican National Committee

"Obama Has Proposed $2 Billion In Additional NASA Funding. "Sen. Barack Obama has detailed a comprehensive space plan that includes $2 billion in new funding to reinvigorate NASA and a promise to make space exploration and science a significantly higher priority if he is elected president." (Marc Kaufman, "Obama Suggests $2 Billion In New Funding For NASA," The Washington Post, 8/19/08)"

John McCain: America's Space Program

"As President, John McCain will - Ensure that space exploration is top priority and that the U.S. remains a leader; - Commit to funding the NASA Constellation program to ensure it has the resources it needs to begin a new era of human space exploration. - Review and explore all options to ensure U.S. access to space by minimizing the gap between the termination of the Space Shuttle and the availability of its replacement vehicle; ..."

Editor's note: The Washington post article that the RNC quotes also says "While Obama's ambitious plan embraces President Bush's 2004 "vision" to send astronauts to the moon by 2020 and later to Mars -- a plan McCain co-sponsored in the Senate -- the Democratic presidential candidate said the administration's "poor planning and inadequate funding" have undermined the effort and jeopardized U.S. leadership in space."

I am not certain how McCain can accomplish what he has proposed - which seems to be more or less what Obama has proposed - unless he either increases NASA's budget or cuts something rather dramatically to pay for what he wants to see NASA do. That said, McCain does have a strong stance in support of NASA. As such, the RNC snipe at Obama for holding a similar stance to McCain's is curious. Perhaps the RNC did not check with the McCain folks ...

Nelson hits RNC on NASA stance, Orlando Sentinel

"Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida said the Republican National Committee "just stepped in it" when they blasted Barack Obama for his promise to give NASA $2 billion more in funding. "It's not only ridiculous, it shows how totally out of it they are," said Nelson, who said extra NASA funding helps grow jobs in Florida, home to the Kennedy Space Center and a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election. "They simply don't know what they are talking about."

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