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Astronaut Rusty Schweikart, Obamanauts To Launch Weekend Canvassing, GOTV Efforts

"On Saturday, November 1, former Apollo crew member Rusty Schweickart will launch final canvassing and Get Out the Vote efforts for the Obama-Biden campaign. Schweikart will then join the Obamanauts - Space Coast residents who support Barack Obama - along with hundreds of volunteers from every corner of the state to knock on doors this weekend to personally contact thousands of voters before Election Day and encourage them to take advantage of the last days of early voting."

Diamandis editorial supports Obama Space Policy

"Responding largely to concerns voiced by Florida's voters, Senator Obama has offered an unambiguous pledge to right-size NASA's budget. But his space policy is not devoted solely to NASA; it points to an Obama Administration's support for space commercialization, space workforce retention, space research and technology development, national security space programs, space-based environmental monitoring, and using space to inspire our nation's youth to excel in math and science."

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