Oh, Just Pick A Number

NASA saves 1,900 jobs -- but it's not clear how, Orlando Sentinel

"For example, NASA estimated last March that there were 8,000 shuttle and Constellation contractor positions at KSC. But Wednesday's update cited a total of 7,300 jobs. Joel Kearns, head of the NASA Constellation transition team, said the discrepancy was due in part to contractors eliminating some positions from KSC as the shuttle finishes its mission to build the international space station. Also, he said, some contractors have not filled jobs vacated by workers who quit or retired."

NASA: Fewer Jobs To Be Lost, WFLA

"NASA officials said they expect to see the numbers change even more as they learn more about the requirements for the new program. They remained adamant about the fact that they still expect the overall workforce to shrink. "The reality is the new systems are being designed to operate with far fewer people," NASA spokesman Allard Beutel said Wednesday."

Shuttle Retirement May Not Mean NASA Layoffs, WESH

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