Response to the Strathclyde Exploration Report

Wayne Hale's NASA Blog: Continuing the discussion

"About 48 hours after having posted a short example on Columbus, I hope you have reached some conclusions. I'd like to continue this discussion just a bit longer."

Wayne Hale's NASA Blog: Exploration is all about the unexpected

"I had great hopes for this paper. After I read it, I felt disappointment. I slept on it. I read it again this morning. I am still disappointed. Probably it is not fair; the attempt to learn lessons from history is always a noble one. Perhaps this is just too big a topic to address in a short academic paper. So rather than criticize, lets take a look beyond the Venn diagrams and explore for the golden nuggets of wisdom that come with a deep understanding of the lessons that history of exploration can teach us. The Strathclyde study said that Columbus's voyages were a tactical ("program") failure and a strategic success. Really?"

Report: Historical Exploration: Learning Lessons from the Past to Inform the Future, earlier post

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