Richard Garriott's Busy Mission Begins

Space Adventures' Orbital Client, Private Astronaut Richard Garriott, Arrives At International Space Station

"Garriott will share his experiences through his Web site, The site's "Tracking The Mission" section will feature live and playback video from NASA TV and Garriott will also be responding to questions posed on his site via audio recordings, direct from space."

Live Challenger Center Broadcast with the ISS: Kids Ask Citizen Cosmonaut "What Are You Looking For in Space"?

"Richard Garriott, plans to talk with students through a NASA sponsored live video teleconference, broadcast via the Internet on October 20th at 1:00pm ET during his flight to the International Space Station. The downlink event will be held in Reston, Virginia in coordination with KZO Innovations with students from two D.C. Metropolitan area schools and four Challenger Learning Centers."

Richard Garriott, Private Space Explorer, Talks to Students Live from the International Space Station

"Richard Garriott plans to talk to students through live amateur radio downlinks during his October flight to the International Space Station. The downlink events will be held during Garriott's flight and are currently scheduled for 12:30pm Thursday, October 16th and Friday, October 17th with middle school students from Challenger Learning Centers across the country."

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