Bizarre Space-Related Story Pulled From Washington Examiner

Editor's note: This bizarrely titled article by the Washington Examiner's space blogger Patricia Phillips "Black Panthers intimidate voters in Philadelphia, giant leap back from space age standards" was online yesterday according to her Twitter posting at the Washington Examiner. Now it is gone.

I posted a note on another of her articles asking what happened. She replied: "No, then again: not the same thing. I didn't remove anything or change anything to make me look "right." I removed it because one of my colleagues here was upset enough about the whole thing to cry. So I decided to remove it. Politics ain't worth crying about, IMHO, but there's no sense in adding to anyone else's emotional distress just for the sake of an internet post."

This is not the first time Phillips' postings have been pulled because of their content. You have to wonder if anyone at the Washington Examiner has any sense of editorial scrutiny or moral sensitivity with regard to what they allow to be posted on their newspaper's website. I guess this newspaper did not see what happened yesterday evening either.

More old thinking.

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