Heidi's Astronaut Tool Bag is on eBay (or is it?)

Editor's note: My business partner Marc just got a phone call from a concerned woman named "Elizabeth" in Minnesota.

She said that she was "providing us with a news tip" that the "astronaut tool bag was just found on a golf course in Minnesota."

And guess what - it is now for sale on eBay! Hurry folks and get your bids in - this is a one of kind item and is sure to get snapped up by an eager collector. And there are some of the original contents inside as well - such as a "Sarah Palin button", a cellphone (for text messaging), lipstick, and "some space type tool" (the lube gun is missing). There's not even an single scorch mark from its blistering reentry into Earth's atmosphere! As the seller notes: "Own A Piece of NASA History See What Fell From Space". Who cares if it is against the laws of physics, bid now!

Editor's update: So far 16 Einsteins have placed bids for this supposed item. I sent in a fraud alert several hours ago as did others. Seems that eBay is a little slow in that department today.

Editor's update: eBay finally pulled this hoax offline. Here is a screen grab of what it looked like.

Editor's update: Oh wait, now it is back - some loon (My guess it is our friend "Elizabeth") has posted it again. I am not going to link to it. Another fraud complaint for eBay.

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