Overlooked Cases Of NASA Spinoffs With Broad Green and Human Potential

Video: Life-saving water A NASA engineer shows how Engineers Without Borders builds water purification systems in developing nations (Video), CNN

Editor's note: CNN has a series hosted by Miles O'Brien titled "Green Warriors" which features the volunteer efforts of JSC personnel via Engineers Without Borders - USAJohnson Space Center Chapter. Their work includes providing clean water and other resources to Third World residents. Although this activity is done outside of their normal work hours, it is too bad that NASA PAO cannot seem to be able to feature their efforts - especially when attention-gathering movie stars like Ashton Kutcher make ignorant comments on national TV that suggest that NASA is not concerned or making contributions.

NASA's space water recycling system has hiccups, AP

"Of all the home-improvement gear delivered to the space station by Endeavour, the water recycling system has drawn the most attention. NASA sees it as the future in deep-space exploration - and also to future life on the home planet. "This technology of how to reuse our things and be careful with them is really applicable to life on planet Earth," Fincke said. Converting urine into drinking water for space station astronauts is not all that different from what happens at water treatment plants on Earth - at a much smaller scale."

Urban growers go high-tech to feed city dwellers, AP

"The technology has benefited from nearly three decades of NASA research aimed at sustaining astronauts in places with even less green space than a typical U.S. city."

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