Pocket Change in The Kuiper Belt?

To Pluto, with postage: Nine mementos fly with NASA's first mission to the last planet, CollectSpace

"On the way to see the governor -- it was a long drive, I think it may have been three to four hundred miles -- we got to talking about what we might do to get him a little more personally interested in the mission, other than just invite him to the launch," said Stern. "We came upon the thought, why don't we fly a state quarter of Florida? As Stern reasoned, they would launch from Florida, some of the parts of New Horizons had been built there and the state quarter just happened to have a space theme. They both liked the idea a lot but upon searching their pockets, came up empty for a quarter to illustrate their point to the governor. So, at a small town in the panhandle of Florida, they went to a Burger King."

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