Transition Update

NASA faces closer scrutiny, Huntsville Times

"The change in the White House, financial problems and a mini-makeover of Congress will bring new scrutiny of NASA, predicted Keith Cowing, a longtime NASA critic who runs the Web site "There's going to be reviews of all government agencies. NASA is not being singled out. It's just what happens when there is a change in administrations. That's what transition teams are doing right now," Cowing said. "They'll make their recommendations and the new Obama administration will go forward from there." Cowing predicted that the changes at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue would put the microscope on high-profile projects - like the Marshall Space Flight Center-managed Ares rockets, new Mars probes and rovers, and an expanded International Space Station - that fall behind schedule or face cost increases. "Obama has promised an emphasis on science and climate, and I think you will see that shift come to NASA," Cowing said."

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