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Editor's note: According to various sources at NASA, among the things being researched by NASA HQ staff in response to inquires by the Obama Transition Team (aka PETT) are: estimates of what it would take to terminate and/or fly the shuttle between FY 2010 and FY 2012; results of PA&E's commercial crew/cargo study; a detailed look at authorized budgets vs actual appropriations (including un-obligated funds); possible lawsuits that NASA is anticipating; contracts needing to be awarded; regulatory issues that may arise; the status of various international arrangements; plans for use of the ISS; and NASA's agreements with the DoD on launch standards and interfaces. In other words, just the routine sort of things you'd expect to be researched and discussed as a hand over was about to take place.

As you can see from this 24 September SMC presentation below, the PA&E folks already had a good idea of what they needed to be prepared to provide. But they did need a little assistance in focusing this effort agency-wide: in that same meeting (according to official notes) Griffin "reminded members that the Agency will have only one transition book, and does not want mission directorates and centers to be working on individual transition documents. He requested that members manage this proactively, and stop independent efforts. He committed to share the transition book with members and to seek their contributions. He requested that everyone remain a NASA team in the next 6 months, and that PA&E provide a status on their activities next month."

NASA Presidential Transition Status, NASA PA&E Presentation given at the 24 September 2008 SMC

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