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NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale's Blog: Presidential Transition

"Since mid-summer NASA has been preparing for the Presidential transition that is now upon us. The Office of Management and Budget has led the efforts across the government and has been very forward leaning with both campaign teams to be ready to initiate a smooth transition, particularly with the challenges that we face as a nation today. While NASA usually does not factor as a near-term decision for incoming Administrations, this year the General Accounting Office (GAO) highlighted Shuttle retirement as one of its top 13 urgent issues across the government."

Space: Hoping for Change (Eric Sterner),

"President Obama himself is the wild card in the mix. During the Democratic primaries, he planned to cut into the Constellation program to pay for increased educational spending. Yet by the general election he had reversed himself and promised increased funding to close the gap between shuttle retirement in 2010 and Constellation's arrival in 2015. Does this change represent a true change of heart and the beginning of a commitment to our future in space, or an opportunistic campaign tactic to appeal to voters along Florida's important space coast? That remains to be seen."

More cash may flow for science, research, Huntsville Times

"Currently, NASA spends more than $5 billion of its $18 billion budget on human spaceflight, including the space shuttle program. Marshall's annual budget runs about $2.5 billion. For the Ares program, costly delays could threaten the shuttle replacement rockets, said Victoria Samson, a defense and space expert at the Center for Defense Information. Ares "has had a troubled development," she said. "There've been reports of shaking and wind trouble. It doesn't mean Ares won't eventually work, but it has to be sooner rather than later if the money is to keep coming."

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