A Sad Day for CNN Viewers

Miles O'Brien To Leave CNN. Network Shutters Science, Space and Tech Unit

"TVNewser has learned 16-year veteran CNN correspondent and anchor Miles O'Brien will soon be leaving CNN. O'Brien's departure comes as the network dismantles its science, space, environment and technology unit in Atlanta. That includes O'Brien as well as six producers."

Science sphere condemns CNN cuts, Nature (The Great Beyond)

"Science bloggers and media pundits have been collectively sounding off and scratching their heads about CNNs decision to cut its entire science reporting staff."

CNN Cuts Entire Science, Tech Team, Columbia Journalism Review

"Indeed, others who know the CNN science staff agree that the network is making a bad decision. "I'm baffled," said Keith Cowing, who runs NASAWatch.com and has been a friend of CNN's Miles O'Brien for years. Cowing has appeared on air with O'Brien a number of times. "Miles is a reporter's reporter. In terms of the [scientific] research, it's him. He walks in - and this is why he's so good - and just knows it. To me, there's an economy there where you don't have to have a bunch young researchers running around. You've got the guy who can say, 'Got it,' and go right on air." While CNN credited O'Brien as a "terrific reporter," Cowing added that he is surprised the network doesn't care to hold on to that expertise."

Editor's note: I give up. First Av Week cans Craig Covault now this.

You can follow Miles on Twitter.

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