Campaign Tools for Space Policy Restructuring?

Obama Policymakers Turn to Campaign Tools, Washington Post

"Barack Obama's incoming administration has begun to draw on the high-tech organizational tools that helped get him elected to lay the groundwork for an attempt to restructure the U.S. health-care system. ... It is the first attempt by the Obama team to harness its vast and sophisticated grass-roots network to shape public policy. Although the president-elect is a long way from crafting actual legislation, he promised during the campaign to make the twin challenge of controlling health-care costs and expanding coverage a top priority in his first term."

Editor's note: Is this a preview of the new way in which the Obama Administration will pursue policy initiatives? If change is in store for America's space policy at some point, would these "high-tech organizational tools" be used to generate and/or enhance support? Is NASA going to be using them as well? And if so, how will this approach fare when it collides with the long-feared (but often hard to specifically define) "prohibition against marketing and lobbying" by NASA? This will be interesting to watch.

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