Do You Want a Space Shuttle For Your Museum?

NASA Solicits Ideas for Displaying Retired Space Shuttles and Main Engines

"NASA today issued a Request for Information seeking ideas from educational institutions, science museums and other appropriate organizations about the community's ability to acquire and publicly display the space shuttle orbiters and space shuttle main engines after the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Program. Sponsored by NASA's Office of Infrastructure, the RFI seeks input from appropriate officials and decision-makers from museums, science centers, institutions and other organizations dedicated to education or educational outreach with experience in public display of space hardware and nationally recognized historic artifacts. NASA will use information gained from this RFI to develop strategies for eventual placement of two space shuttle orbiters and a minimum of six unassembled space shuttle main engine display "kits."

NASA Request for Information on Space Shuttle Orbiter and Space Shuttle Main Engine Placement

NASA seeks shuttle suitors: Museums may need to cover the costs for retired orbiters, Collectspace

"Though NASA has three orbiters -- Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour -- only two will be available for donation. NASA plans to reserve the third for the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, assuming they too can meet the same financial and facility requirements as the other museums."

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