Endeavour Heads to KSC

Space Shuttle Ferry Flight Arrival On NASA TV's Public Channel

"Mounted atop a modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft, Endeavour is scheduled to land at Kennedy at 2:30 p.m. EST after a three-day cross-country ferry flight from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif."

Editor's update: check the comments section for this posting and you will see some comments by John Shannon wherein he explains the thought/planing process that lead to one flyby and not another (weather).

Editor's update: Endeavour is now home at KSC. Alas, I only received this media advisory from NASA PAO 10 minutes after the actual landing time. But at least someone thought to send something out (unlike the JSC PAO crowd yesterday). However, I did know about the landing due to a Twitter posting hours ago by Bob Jacobs from NASA PAO. Once again new tools like Twitter prove their value over antiquated NASA tools such as their Listserv.

Editor's earlier note: Space Shuttle Endeavour is on the move again from Barksdale AFB to NASA KSC. Apparently, making a detour so as to fly over MAF and SSC or MSFC so that other NASA employees can see Endeavour is too much to ask. This is all rather odd given how little of a cost or planning issue it was for the JSC folks to do. Oh well. You can track its flight here (Note: FlightAware has been overloaded with users today so you may not get through). You can watch the arrival live on NASA TV at 2:30 pm EST.

Reader note: "A request to JSC to authorize a 20 mile detour so the folks of the Antelope Valley, CA (home to DFRC/Edwards AFB) could get a look was denied by JSC. But a longer detour over Texas was OK. What's right about that?"

JSC Flyover: Missed Opportunity, earlier post

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