ODIN Accepts a 15% Markup on Everything

NASA ODIN Internal Memo: ODIN Catalog Product Pricing Instruction

"For years, NASA civil servants have actively worked to get the best value for information technology (IT) products and services. Many have followed a "cost re-determination" process when the ODIN catalog price is greater than 15 percent of that of a tier-one vendor, such as Office Depot, CDWG, or PCMall. This instruction is being issued to formalize a "best practice" that has been in use for the past year. ... If you find IT peripherals that are priced 15 percent or more below the ODIN catalog price, then you should notify the delivery order contracting officer technical representative (DOCOTR) at your Center or submit a quote request to the ODIN vendor."

Reader note: "This is absurd! Why can't we just buy the better value instead of the bloated ODIN price? The policy seems to be gouge ya if they can, but if you find a better price (and you will), fill out some paperwork and maybe they will lower ODIN's price."

Editor's note: Another way to look at this: A 15% cost differential between ODIN costs and real world costs is apparently not an issue for ODIN management. They will happily charge that. Apparently, ODIN will only consider changes in pricing if it is more than 15% cheaper to buy it outside of ODIN - and only if YOU do the research and then YOU tell them about it.

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