Orlando Sentinel on NASA

We think: NASA's chief should welcome Obama team's scrutiny, opinion, Orlando Sentinel

"As NASA prepares to come under the direction of a new president, Mr. Griffin might believe he is saving the Constellation program by shielding it from outside interference. In reality, he does the program and his agency no favors if he stands in the way of a robust review of the current plan and any alternatives. Without such a review, the Obama administration might be hesitant to commit the billions of dollars needed to carry out the program. Its transition team already is looking critically at chronic cost overruns at NASA."

NASA's essential place in space is saving Earth, commentary, Orlando Sentinel

"Griffin says the agency should not be evaluated by how well it estimates costs. That is an astounding statement. How are we are supposed to judge NASA programs if NASA can't give us a dollar figure with which to weigh cost and benefits? At least he is being honest. Like many government agencies, NASA's strategy has long been to underestimate costs and overestimate benefits."

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