XCOR is Selling Tickets

RocketShip Tours to Sell Rides to Edge of Space Aboard XCOR's Lynx

"Jules Klar, founder of Phoenix, AZ-based RocketShip Tours, has announced that his company will immediately begin selling rides to the edge of space for $95,000 per flight. Participants will fly XCOR Chief Test Pilot and three-time Space Shuttle Pilot and Commander, Rick Searfoss said the Lynx will carry people or payloads to the edges of space up to four times a day."

No Frills Tickets to Space to Go on Sale, Discovery

"It has been more than 10 years since Rick Searfoss, a retired Air Force colonel, test pilot and NASA shuttle commander has been in space, but that is about to change. His new gig should put him beyond the atmosphere as often as four times a day -- and maybe put you in the cockpit right next to him."

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