A Solution to NOMAD's Email Connectivity Woes?

UPDATE- NOMAD Connectivity Issues - Monday, January 26, 2009

"The NOMAD Team, Microsoft Technical Support and UNITeS have been working together to determine the root cause of the email connectivity issues. Today, they reported some good news. The cause of the service disruption has been traced back to authentication issues within the environment. Certain conditions can occur that cause the authentication servers to mishandle requests to center resources. When the connectivity issue occurred this morning, the team was able to force a reconnect at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in an extremely short time frame to resolve the issue. They have also devised a way to monitor those secure channels to determine why this is happening. Now that the team knows how to immediately correct the problem, the NOMAD team, NCAD, and Microsoft are trying to engineer a solution to prevent the issue from reoccurring."

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