Offsite Access To NOMAD Is About To Change (Or is it?)

NOMAD Website is Moving - Friday, January 30

"Access to the NOMAD site from outside the NASA network (e.g., home, hotels) will require login using a RSA token and virtual private network (VPN) or secure nomadic access (SNA) on your computer. The NOMAD Website will no longer be accessible publicly to non-NASA employees. The new NOMAD Website includes a calendar. As a reminder, please visit this page whenever you need information about NOMAD activities and issues impacting email delivery."

Editor's note: Of course, NOMAD was once again unclear in what it was telling its users, so this update to explain and clarify last night's update was sent out:

"You received the message below from NOMAD Outreach yesterday. Since the message went out, I received numerous calls and email messages from our customers concerning the message. This message is being sent as a clarification to the below message. Outlook Web Access (OWA) Webmail is available at Use your NOMAD email login in order to access your email from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Webmail is frequently an alternative to send and receive email when there are activities scheduled, or issues that arise, which impact your desktop or laptop email client and/or handheld device. The move of the NOMAD website from a public site does not affect how you access Webmail."

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