Senate Action On Stimulus Package

Congress Reaches Deal on Stimulus Plan, NY Times

"Senate and House leaders announced Wednesday evening that they had reached agreement on a $789 billion economic stimulus bill, clearing the way for final Congressional action and President Obamas signature, perhaps by the end of the week."

Senate passes $838B stimulus, The Hill

"Senate Democrats passed an $838 billion stimulus package on Tuesday with support from three Republicans, advancing President Obamas core economic policy objective that now must be reconciled with the House."

2 economic-stimulus plans: Which is best for Florida?, Orlando Sentinel

"Workers at Kennedy Space Center also have a stake in the final bill. The Senate version has more than twice as much money for NASA -- $1.3 billion, compared with $600 million in the House bill -- and includes money for human spaceflight."

A Capitulation, Not a Compromise, NRO

"One has to wonder how the "moderates" can defend $1.5 billion for carbon-capture projects, $1.3 billion for NASA, and $75 million for the Smithsonian Institution, among many other earmarks, as "stimulus."

Collins-Nelson Group Staff Paper Potential Cuts -- $77.9 Billion 02-05-2009 , Talking Points

Go to page 2. These senators want to cut $750 million from the $1.5 billion in the Senate Bill.

Nelson versus Nelson over NASA funding, Orlando Sentinel

"U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida is fighting his alter ego, U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, over the midwestern lawmaker's efforts to strip $1.5 billion in NASA funding from a massive economic recovery plan being pushed by congressional Democrats. The Nebraska Nelson, a Democrat, is in talks to cut $90 billion or from the $900 billion bill, including a big boost for NASA likely aimed at helping the space agency build its new moon rocket, which is set for a first mission in 2015 -- five years after NASA plans to retire the space shuttle."

Non-stimulating projects in 'stimulus' bill, OneNewsNow

"David Vitter is among several Senate Republicans making attempts to reduce the cost of the $900-billion stimulus measure. The senator says some of the spending projects that will not create jobs or stimulate the economy include $20 million for the removal of fish passage barriers, $500 million for NASA global-warming studies, and $100 million for the Defense Department to purchase hybrid vehicles."

Editor's 7 Feb update: According to an email update from Science Debate 2008 NASA was cut by $200 million (13.31%) - far less than the original proposed $750 million (50%) cut: "Senators Nelson, Collins, Lieberman and Specter held a press conference earlier this evening, also crediting Senator Snowe, and followed up by Senate Majority Leader Reid, declaring a compromise bill has been reached on the stimulus package."


Original Senate bill budget amt - $1,502,000,000
Proposed cut this morning - $750,000,000
% prop cut - 50
Cut in final compromise - $200,000,000
% final cut - 13.31
Final compromise bill budget amt - $1,302,000,000
Science funding you preserved - $550,000,000"

Editor's 7 Feb update: According to a spreadsheet released last night by Sen. Nelson:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration ($thousand)

Subcommittee, Department,
Agency, Account
Science $400,000 $500,000 -$200,000 $300,000
Aeronautics $150,000 $250,000. $250,000
Shuttle Replacement $0 $500,000. $500,000
Cross-Agency Support (Construction) $50,000 $250,000. $250,000
Office of the Inspector General $2,000 $2,000. $2,000

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