Dave King Is Retiring From NASA

King Retires as Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

"David King, director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., is retiring from the agency to accept a position as executive vice president of Dynetics in Huntsville, effective immediately."

NASA MSFC Internal Memo: Message From the Center Director

"We have built a great team, and I am leaving the Center in great hands as Robert Lightfoot assumes the position of acting Center Director."

In a shakeup at Marshall Space Flight Center, Director Dave King resigns to become an executive vice president at Dynetics

"Critics have decried the Ares development as being behind schedule and over budget, but King has said in the past "any new program as complex as a new rocket design is going to run into problems and delays. If we knew how to do it then we wouldn't be developing Ares - we would be flying it," King told The Times."

Editor's note: According to MSFC sources, one of Dave King's last acts was to remove Jim Reuter from his position as Ares 1 Vehicle Integration Manager. Hmm ... doesn't this strike anyone else (besides me) as being a little odd? Why did King wait until his last day on the job to do this? Did the rationale to make this management decision only emerge yesterday? Or was King unwilling/unable to do this while still on the job?

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