Forget Space, Explore The Oceans

Bring NASA Back to Earth, Huffington Post

"Thus another recent NASA PR move is to tell Congress and the public that it is out to find 'life' on Mars and other planets. When many people hear references to life, images of Martians spin through their heads; some even envision civilizations that we could ally ourselves with, maybe against China, at least against some other aliens in some other galaxy. Actually, what the multi-billion dollar agency is looking for is some organic material, the size of amoebas or--even less, say, signs that once there was water on Mars. It would be nice to know, I grant you; however, given other priorities, it hardly belongs at the top of the list of what ought to be studied. Indeed, even if one insists that these funds are to be used for exploration--and not, say, finding better ways to fight disease or poverty--much more promising targets are near by, right here on Earth, in the oceans."

Editor's note: This guy has a bias and he wants to convince others that his oceans bias is better than their space bias. There is a simple solution: explore BOTH space and the oceans. The merits for so doing are equally compelling and relevant.

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