Hacking Bill Nelson

Lawmaker hacked off over cyber invasions

"Cyber-invaders thought to be in China have recently hacked into the computer network in U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson's office, according to the senator's office. Two attacks on the same day this month and another one last month targeted work stations used by three Nelson staffers - a key foreign-policy aide, the deputy legislative director and a former Nelson NASA adviser. But the hackers didn't make off with any classified information, which isn't kept on office computers, a Nelson spokesman said. Nelson is a member of the Senate's Intelligence, Armed Services and Finance committees; and, he heads a Senate subcommittee that oversees NASA. "I have had my office computers invaded three times in the last month. One of them, we think, is serious," Nelson acknowledged Thursday, during a Senate Armed Services hearing that touched upon the subject of hackers trying to invade U.S. military computer networks."

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