ISS Crew Waits Out Debris Flyby in Soyuz

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 12 March 2009

"At 12:39pm EDT, the ISS had a conjunction with a small piece of orbital debris (Object #25090, PAM-D debris) which passed by the station inside the Red Threshold. Due to late notification, which was well beyond the timeline for maneuvering, a DAM (Debris Avoidance Maneuver) could not be performed. As a precaution, the three crewmembers withdrew to the Soyuz 17S capsule at 12:35pm, leaving the spacecraft's hatch open (in case the Soyuz itself was struck). The crew returned to the ISS at ~12:45pm. [The late notification was due to the high uncertainty of the object's location on its low-perigee (154 km), high eccentricity orbit, which resulted in an error in solar radiation pressure prediction. Subsequent correction of this value brought the object into the Red box.]"

Space station's close call with junk: More to come, AP

"Russia's state-run Vesti-24 television reported on a lighter moment in the space station evacuation. Apparently the crew members left an instruction manual on board and Fincke had to be told by Mission Control how to go about getting back onto the station once the threat had passed."

Editor's note: Hey Spanky - we have some of the manuals online here ;-)

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