NASA Faces Showdown With Colbert Nation

Colbert: He Demands the Name, Newsday

"Or some part of a node. That's the name that the vox populi (Read: viewers of "The Colbert Report") has chosen as its name for some room on the 'station and as you know from various reports last week, NASA is balking."

Stephen Colbert challenges NASA: "Name that node after me", TV Guy

"Colbert isn't in the mood for cooperation. He scoffs at the idea that the node might be called Serenity, and he threatens terrible retaliation. Oh, it's horrible."

Sorry, NASA: Colbert Conquers Final Frontier, E!Online

"However, while the cable-subscribing people may have spoken, NASA does have the final say over the space place. While the government agency said it will take the people's choice into serious consideration, it wisely reserved the right to the ultimate decision in the naming process."

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