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Educator Astronauts Continue the Legacy of Christa McAuliffe, Challenger Center for Space Science Education

"I touch the future; I teach" are the inspiring words often quoted by our nation's first Teacher-in-Space, Christa McAuliffe. Challenger Center for Space Science Education is thrilled to see Christa's dreams fulfilled by former science and math teachers Joe Acaba and Ricky Arnold who are now officially "Educator Astronauts" in orbit around the Earth and successfully docked to the International Space Station. ... Daniel Barstow, President of Challenger Center for Space Science Education, says "The Space program helps to invigorate science education by combining hands on learning with the thrill of exploration and discovery. Teachers have the innate ability to breakdown these complex subjects and present them in an understandable and inspiring way. Educator Astronauts Acaba and Arnold's mission follows in the footsteps of Barbara Morgan's successes on STS118 and serves as a reminder of the awesome role that educators play in our lives."

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